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Dusty Wild BisonYoung Wild Bull Elk in VelvetWild River Otter Eating a FishCurious Wild River Otter FamilyTwo Wild Bighorn Sheep Lambs Leap Between RocksWild Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep EweWild Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep LambWild Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ewe and Lamb Bounding Up a Cliff FaceGiant Grass with HoarfrostWild Ground Squirrel Giving Alarm CallWild Male Pronghorn AntelopeWild Nesting Sandhill CraneWild Cutthroat Trout SpawningWild Cutthroat Trout Ascending a WaterfallPlayful Wild Male and Female Bison During the Rut

Guestbook for Wildlife
Paul Naas(non-registered)
These are all great pictures. Waiting for the chattering ground squirrel picture.